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Financial Diary #2: First Week of April

Here's my financial diary #2. I chronicled my expense during the first week of April. Here we go:

Day 1 – Saturday

 Well, I’m sick. Maybe it was because I spend most of yesterday walking corridor after corridor in the hospital that made me catch something. I just stayed in, and was awake mostly to just eat. I had the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that was all made by mom before I’m back to coughing and sniffing back in my bedroom. I did ask my cousin to buy me two itlog na pula (salted dug egg)  (PHP30.00) because I suddenly has a craving to it for dinner.

Total: PHP 30.00

Day 2 – Sunday

Update: I’m still sick. I went early to have a blood test done but it didn’t work out so I’m doing that on Tuesday instead. Still spend the majority in bed, and getting up to have meals with the fam while occasionally watching Scorpion and Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. A second cousin or something (honestly, I’m so confused with our family tree) did have a birthday in our backyard so I got some treat by eating baked spaghetti and gummy worms.

Total: PHP 0.00

Day 3 – Monday 

Back to the daily grind and still a bit under the weather. I took the usual tricyle and bus route (PHP36.00) to work. I only had hotdogs at home so I was already pretty hungry plus I used the ‘I’m sick, I deserve this’ card and I was craving for iced tea, so I bought some breakfast from McDonald’s that costs me PHP116.00. I also found out that my last payment for my life insurance didn’t reflect on my account so I am kind of freaking out, and is already feeling guilty for spending that much for breakfast. I also know I’m going to spend more for lunch…

I spent PHP194.00 for lunch. Yup. I feel so guilty. I had Chicken Ala King plus the famous bowl meal from KFC that includes a mushroom soup and yup, you guessed it, iced tea. I don’t know why I suddenly craved for iced tea (and mushroom soup) today. I am bringing the famous bowl home for my brothers. I took the bus and jeepney (PHP36.00) route home.

Total: PHP 382.00
Day 4 – Tuesday  

My brother and I got my blood test (PHP80.00) before I got to work. After breakfast near the hospital, mom dropped me off to the bus stop and I took a bus (PHP28.00) to work. I bought a rice and tapa meal (PHP120.00) from the cafeteria for lunch. We have a work event after my shift so I took a Grab to Edsa-Shang. I shouldered it with mom’s credit card, but I’ll pay her back when I’m reimbursed. My credit card application has also been approved, and I’m just waiting for it to arrive. It was almost midnight when the event finished. I took a bus (PHP38.00) and a private tricycle (PHP20.00) ride home since there weren’t any more jeepneys. Total: PHP 286.00
Day 5 – Wednesday

 I took the usual route to work (PHP36.00). My throat is feeling too dry so I dropped by McDonald’s to supposedly only buy hot chocolate but ended up buying the pancakes meal (PHP60.00). For late lunch, I had the big chicken katsu (PHP170.00) from Tokyo Tokyo. I took the usual route home (PHP36.00) and had dinner with the family. 

Total: PHP 302.00
Day 6 – Thursday

Still took the usual way to work (PHP36.00). For lunch, I finally dragged myself to eat at Kenny Rogers. I had the Solo B meal – chicken, mac ‘n cheese, muffin, and rice (PHP225.00). I took the bus and jeepney home (PHP36.00). It’s a boring, uneventful day. 

Total: PHP 297.00
Day 7 – Friday  

Took another sick day since I have an eye laboratory scheduled. My grandma was coming with me but mom drove us. Thankfully, my health insurance paid for my eye test since it costs a whopping PHP10,771.00!! Insane. My cousin also graduated from elementary so we were going out to celebrate. I took a Grab (PHP51.20) with my grandma to Southmall. The graduation was getting to be too late and we’re hungry, so I treated grandma to lunch. We ate at Eduardo’s Peri Peri Chicken. I had chicken and grandma had the ribs meal. I use her senior citizen discount to save fifty bucks. (PHP331.00) The family arrived after an hour and had lunch at Giligan’s. I may had eaten a few chicken pieces again. On the way home, my grandma was wanting some donut from JCo so I bought a dozen (PHP278.00) using her senior citizen discount again. I gave her half the dozen and half for ours. We dropped by ATC just to eat at Silantro’s for nachos. My mom paid before we went home. We didn’t have dinner anymore since we’re all full, but I have to wake up at 2AM later to eat since I’m doing a blood test tomorrow. TGIF.

Total: PHP 660.20 

Weekly Total: PHP1957.20

Separating this to categories, I spend PHP353.20 for transportation, PHP1524.00 for food, and PHP80.00 for health. As always, most of my expense went to food. I need to work on that. 

See you next week.

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