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Financial Diary #2: First Week of April

Here's my financial diary #2. I chronicled my expense during the first week of April. Here we go:

Day 1 – Saturday

 Well, I’m sick. Maybe it was because I spend most of yesterday walking corridor after corridor in the hospital that made me catch something. I just stayed in, and was awake mostly to just eat. I had the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that was all made by mom before I’m back to coughing and sniffing back in my bedroom. I did ask my cousin to buy me two itlog na pula (salted dug egg)  (PHP30.00) because I suddenly has a craving to it for dinner.

Total: PHP 30.00

Financial Diary #1: Last Week of March

So, this has been a thing, right? I keep reading it on Cosmo PH and read one on Helga’s blog. This also remind me of that time I budgeted $25 for a week last year. Honestly, when I was reading the articles on Cosmo, I was like “Wait, people actually spend this much??? Like, their whole salary????” And yes, I know that sounds pretty judgy. I’m working on it. But honestly, how much they spend in a week is how much I spend in a month or so. Or maybe I’m just really cheap. The latter sounds more plausible. 

Generally, I don’t really spend much money. Ish. I only flush out the big bucks for travelling or concerts. I do three to four major shopping hauls per year that doesn’t exceed 10K. What I do waste a looooot of money on is food. Yep. I eat fast food like nobody’s business. And I have the extra pounds to prove it. I usually spend at least PHP1200 per week on eating out on just the weekdays but I’m being more mindful and is working on losing weight so hopefully that won’t reflect on my expenses for the next couple of months.

An Introduction

Well, I suck at managing money, along with thousands of other millennials. So at least I’m not the only one lamenting over this problem. But that’s not really a good thing now, is it? Ugh.

2015 was a good year for me financially because that was my first year of having a job and I was able to put PHP 100, 000 in my savings account. 2016 was more of spending all of those savings and then some to travel to three different countries and have a smaller savings account than what I started that year. 2017 is… well, I’m feeling the burn of the expenses I made last year and since I also just got back from travelling… My savings is still not as healthy as I want it to be. I’m aiming to save PHP 175, 000 this year and I have a long, long, long way to go. Like, a really long way to go.